Two Poems By Frank William Finney

Three Copper Men
Lowell was a howl
when we played the old dive
with its cheap shot tequilas
and its strip-joint jive.
The crowd on the dancefloor
brought bones, pipes, and bongs,
drank warm beer from cups 
and lip-synched the songs.
We changed threads between sets and
hung out with the gulls
while strippers from the cellar
played tricks with our skulls.

Twilight at Queen’s Park, 2020
Bright lights reflect
the towers’ glass
sending neon colors
to wake the grass
where lovers lie masked
by a man-made lake
waiting for the pandemic
to take a break.

Frank William Finney retired after 25 years in higher education working in Thailand.  At present he enjoys tea, single malts, and the company of cats (not necessarily in that order). His poems have appeared in Purifying Wind Anthology, (USA), The Best of Vine Leaves Literary Journal (Australia), Universal Oneness (India) and elsewhere. He has work forthcoming in Constellations, Stardust Review, and Millenium Pulp Literary Magazine.

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