Two Poems By Jaya Avendel

Her laugh chased my heels
Past the willow tree
Where little frozen fairies worship its roots.
Her golden green eyes 
Flecked with spring
Chased me down a well
Where each stone housed a soul
From ages past. 
The memory of her tresses
Whirls by me in the wind
Past the rotten farmhouse that infidelity held. 
I am lonely by choice
Staring in a broken looking glass.  
The sweat sticks things to my body
Bracelets of copper
Nightmares formed from the flesh of dreams
Dreams founded on butterfly wings.
The coolest of gusts
Brings a two-second respite
The weight of the gold around my neck is crushing me.
Two seconds of freedom
Two seconds to dream
Two seconds to believe in the 
Hallucinations behind my
Hazel eyes.  

Jaya Avendel lives in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia, writing family into fantasy and pursuing prose. Her writing has been published at Visual Verse, Free Verse Revolution, Spillwords Press, and Grand Little Things, among others. Her poetry is also included in “As The World Burns” anthology from Indie Blu(e) Publishing. She writes further at


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