Mere Butterflies By Douglas J. Lanzo

Mere Butterflies

Mere butterflies
we soar the sky,
cloaked in beauty,
on currents high;
toward sun-soaked cloud,
we spread our wings,
awing the crowd;

each flower we touch,
we enrich lives,
some little, some much;

Inhaling deep,
nectar of life,
we surge with joy,
husband and wife;

Foundation laid,
for our offspring,
we nourish them, 
under our wing;

As we grow old,
our colors fade,
with flights lower,
resting in shade;

Until the night,
our spirit frees,
and body fails,
swept out to breeze. 

A featured and award-winning American poet, over the past year Doug’s traditional, free verse and Japanese short-form poetry has been published or accepted in 24 literary publications across the United States, Canada, England, Wales, Australia and The Caribbean. Doug works as a General Counsel by day and poet by night, residing in Chevy Chase, Maryland with his wife and 11-year old identical twin boys, fellow published poets who likewise enjoy nature, biking, tennis and chess.


  1. A very nicely crafted poem that rewards with repeated readings. I’m glad to have come across it in the middle of a difficult winter, because it is very uplifting.


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