“The fact is that no form belongs inevitably with any theme or attitude; no form is good or appropriate in itself, but any form can be made good by able hands.” – Richard Wilbur

Grand Little Things is a journal that embraces versification, lyricism, and formal poetry that focuses on anything, be it the expanse between the minutia of everyday life, to revelations on how we got here or why we use a thing called language. Grand concepts like spirituality, reality, existence are welcomed. So are little things like emotions and human relationships. Or maybe you write about nature?  GLT wants to read all formal poems, be they grand like the sestina or little, like the couplet.

GLT caters to formalistic, stylized poetry, but it is welcome to invented/nonce forms as well. Heck, as long as there is a strong sense of versification – does the poem sing? Is the imagery vivid and serves a purpose? Does the poem have meaning? Or does it do away with such concepts? – it will be considered. However, GLT is not the best place for experimental poetry.

Language is small. It’s just markings that we’ve assigned meaning to. However, that meaning fills the entirety of our universe.

Also, Grand Little Things is open to new writers – meaning you don’t have any publication credits – as well as emerging or established writers. Feel free to submit!

Image by Karolina Grabowska from Pixabay