Wedding By Jaya Avendel

The space between
Us smells of lavender spice and
Pots of shrimp paste
Gaily tied round its rim with
Lilac ribbon
Attracting beetles and picnics.
One dozen egg cake
Sliced under a haze of peppermint mist
Flavored with honeycomb
Dropped onto a plate
Alongside purple-grey in the
Handle of a pie slicer.
There are heels in the crowd
Elevated by whispers of wine
And the smell of earl grey
Gay bonnets and schoolgirls
Sautéed into plaid.
Lusting eyelashes and red
Devonshire lipstick
On my mother’s tongue.
She winks at your father
His thighs so readily glazed with
Gold into trophies of baseball stars.
Molten glass glitters in the tulips
In this toast to the stars
Gathered in crescents on our lips
Exploding in true love’s kiss.

Jaya Avendel lives in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia, writing family into fantasy, beauty into chaos. Her writing has been published at Free Verse Revolution, Spillwords Press, and Visual Verse. She blogs at 


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