Spring is First All Green By John Wiley

Spring is First All Green
Spring is first all green;
can’t think of flowering
without first being
simply - simple – green.
Summer spins heat into gleam,
brings be out of seem
and makes manifest
spring’s dream.
Autumn shatters summer
with ravishing grandeur,
extravagant splendor -
honey gold, wheat gold, apple red
to die for.
Winter doesn’t answer.
Snowflakes interlocking one another
smother sound;
light and life founder,
and surrender.
(but spring…)

John Wiley started as a ballet dancer and turned to poetry when his knees finally gave out for good.  His work has appeared in Terror House Magazine, Sparks of Calliope, and The Writing Disorder among other publications.  He is the editor of Unpublishable Poetry, an online poetry mag coming out soon.  He lives in a California beach town.

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