Behind: The Scenes By Shane Schick

Behind: The Scenes
The decision to come up and press against your back
is that of a ghost glad to give up walking through walls,
dazzled by the forgotten experience of density, to stall
rather than endlessly drift. There’s a lot to unpack
here, starting with a waft of your trademark shampoo
where, as though halting halfway through a beaded curtain
I bury my face, as tight as the space you tuck your shirt in
underneath the band of your jeans. And I imitate glue
when I silently stick my gut to the base of your pelvis,
comfortable as a rump on the hump of a camel,
more determined than the plaque on my once-white enamel, 
and the detail into which my chest delves is
that charming cobra we’ll call your vertebrae,
and I’d fasten myself to it like Velcro,
likely much longer than is apropos,
until you turn around to face the other way.

Shane Schick has been a columnist for the Globe and Mail, the Editor in Chief of Marketing Magazine and an Editor-at-Large at Swagger Magazine. Shane is developing a publication about customer experience design called He lives in Toronto with his wife and three children.

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