Consider this: By P.J. Martín

Consider this:

Consider this: a small amount of yeast
can raise a ball of dough to twice its size.
In heat, the sugar will caramelize.
In search of spice, explorers voyaged East—
a dash of pepper peps a tasteless feast.
Inspect the fruit before they’re baked in pies,
so if you want to serve me some advice,
will you allow me first to ask, at least:
Will what you say add substance to my bread?
Or is it candy-covered rancid food?
A moldy onion thrown into my soup?
It may seem appetizing in your head:
a cake, instead of baked, is barbecued?
That pastry on your plate, in truth, is poop.

P.J. Martín is a Filipino-American writer, musician, visual artist, and educator. He is currently residing outside of Manila, Philippines, where he is working on various creative projects as well as teaching literature and writing.

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