Borders By Jenny Dunbar

a nowhere truck stopped
made somewhere a place to rest by unstill waters
where dark shielded,
wrapped us,
shut out the imposition of separation,
some sang a desperate ballad from the edges,
breaking the surface as the scream took flight
falling into the mourn and bleat
of no through road,
cargoes in transit, traversing back roads redundant as broken bridges
ambushing hope,
first man over the top,
next man bound behind the line,
a no man’s hand stretching far out, congealed
in stasis, the land buckled beneath its tracks.
Back then the lines were implicit reflections passing in osmosis

Graduating from The Royal Central School in London, Jenny followed a career in the performing arts. Writer, singer and potter, she has moved in many worlds always inspired by the juxtapositions in life. She is a published writer of poetry and fiction, her debut novel, Sweet Earth, was published in 2014 followed by her own anthology, Thoughts of Time, in 2016. Jenny’s work has been  included in anthologies and journals over recent years. Currently working on prose poetry, having completed a novel about supernatural ballads, she finds making bread a necessary distraction in these troubled times!

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