A Sonnet of a Child Dreaming By Brian Reyburn

A Sonnet of a Child Dreaming
On a delicate sky, so brightly wild,
a hand-quilted, threadbare constellation
was put up like a curtain by a child
dreaming he's king of a new young nation.
A minute and an hour hand were stuck
up on the moon. The night was keeping time.
It was more than just skill, more than just luck
that helped his past and his future to rhyme.
He left behind The Seeds of Decision
to bloom into verdant sons and daughters.
His dreams have flooded the world with visions.
The houses are under colored waters—
young colors, wholesome colors, sung colors;
colors of growth, colors of young lovers.

Brian Reyburn is an American writer of fiction, non-fiction, and poetry. He has a B.A. in Art History from University of Pittsburgh. He is the singer and primary song-writer of the indie-folk band Her Ladyship. His work is forthcoming in SOFTBLOW Poetry Journal and Blood and Thunder Journal. Currently, he’s working on his debut novel at his home in Pittsburgh, PA.

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