DRINKING NECTAR By Ozota Gerald Obinna


Mama Nnuku!
Its four years your daughter drank nectars
and shut her gate over our faces ___
what kind of mother drinks and leave her children thirsty?
I sit around this stream daily fishing for memories,
Yesterday’s catch was big ___ today’s bigger,
and my net isn’t getting weak, so I will keep
feeding anyone who gets hungry.
Her memories draw rain without bucket
to fetch it and I hope someday it creates a storm.
Insomnia clogs me these days’ cos
She spends little time in my dreams
and flakes out, leaving me chasing her particles
which silently slips away.
I would keep sitting at this gate
Hoping you open up someday.
Mama Nnuku --- Grandmother

Ozota Gerald Obinna writes from Nigeria. He studies at University of Nigeria, Nsukka, He writes to stay happy. His poem Walls was Long-listed in The Nigeria Student Poetry Prize 2020 and his works have appeared or forthcoming in Praxis magazine, Kalahari Review, The Rising Phoenix Review and several anthologies. You can follow him on Twitter @OzotaGerald

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