The Price (a monotetra) By Laura Plummer

The Price (a monotetra)

A man once proved a prince to be,
but not through blood of royalty.
He was a gentle man, you see;
he was to me, he was to me.

And he upon my cheek did leave
the sweetest kiss, I do believe,
that any maid did ere receive
one winter’s eve, one winter’s eve.

He was a poor blacksmith, it’s true;
of florid trappings he had few.
But from our tender heartbeats grew
just one from two, just one from two.

And I upon my finger wore
a sturdy ring of iron ore
that he with steady hands had poured.
To him I swore. To him I swore.

It was with pride I wore his ring
and did with hope his praises sing,
for he was rich in other things—
my humble king, my humble king.

But fate would have a different plan;
came calling quite a wealthy man.
And surely as a maiden can,
to him I ran, to him I ran.

He brought me to a palace fair
where wild blooms perfumed the air
and servants washed my feet and hair
with oils rare, with oils rare.

And he upon my hand did place
a diamond ring in jeweled case.
A fitted veil of finest lace
concealed my face, concealed my face.

Recalling how my prince did weep,
for many months I could not sleep,
for I had vowed in slumber deep
his heart to keep, his heart to keep.

My husband does not have his eyes,
the laughing blue of summer skies.
A cold estate of ample size—
my only prize, my only prize.

So each night in this bed I lay
as stars above me burn away
and stars within me turn to gray.
And yet I stay. And yet I stay.

My eyes with guilty teardrops swell.
My heart is dead, an empty shell.
This home of mine is now a hell.
I’ll never tell. I’ll never tell.

The years have turned to decades now.
I’m white of hair and pale of brow.
To nullify this faithless vow
I know not how, I know not how.

And now my prince has surely passed;
this sad regret will be my last.
Trade not your love for riches vast;
death follows fast, death follows fast.

Laura Plummer is an American millennial writer originally from Massachusetts. Her creative writing has been published in The Sun Magazine, Atomic Flyswatter, and The Topic Journal. Read more of her work at

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