Two Poems By Robert Wynne

Reflection on the Ego Forever Fixing its Hair
thinking of
yourself, for others
are merely mirrors in which
we celebrate worlds we’ve each made from our own
images, reflecting like small gods inside our minds.
Not even a leaf’s self-centered enough to be blind
to the brittle branch, autumn wind, lonely stone
all awaiting its slow pitch―
expectant mothers
stunned by love’s
long sweet

Christmas Reflection
for gifts’ sake.
See them cowering
beneath the lighted branches,
waiting for bright grenades to fall. Imagine
Snoopy’s fury as he swoops down for a bombing run.
Christmas is a time when paper is torn, bows undone,
presents shudder naked as dinner begins.
Watch how giftwrap pales, blanches
stark white, glowering
at that fake

Robert Wynne earned his MFA in Creative Writing from Antioch University.  A former co-editor of Cider Press Review, he has published 6 chapbooks, and 3 full-length books of poetry, the most recent being “Self-Portrait as Odysseus,” published in 2011 by Tebot Bach Press.  He’s won numerous prizes, and his poetry has appeared in magazines and anthologies throughout North America.  He lives in Burleson, TX with his wife and 2 rambunctious dogs. His online home is

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