Autumn By Richard Rose

Now in the russet time,
with hirundines scooping low
to kiss the rippled surface
of waters where the midges play,
I see portents of fast fading summer.
Low sunlight of the evening,
a ruddy carmine horizon’s glow
heralds soon the shortened days,
as martens congregate on wires,
called by distant kinder climes.
Trees lately so virescent,
oak branches verdant robed
give up their days of splendour,
surrender to a warmer pallete
of crimsons, ochres, golds
Now in the russet time,
awaiting louring skies
I kick along the leaf strewn tracks,
with one final hurrah,
for summer sadly passing and winter soon to come.

Northamptonshire, England

Richard Rose is a writer, university professor and children’s rights advocate based in the UK. His poetry, fiction and essays have been published in literary magazines in the UK, India, USA and Canada. His play “Letters to Lucia”, celebrating the life of James Joyce’s daughter and co-written with James Vollmar was published in 2020 having received its premier performance in 2018. More information about Richard’s writing and work can be seen at

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