Tell me why you offered those charming words. By Barb Lundy

Tell me why you offered those charming words.
I clung to them, pushed away winter’s gray,
every assurance gave balm to raw nerves,
every pledge a possible crisis stayed.
If you measured the days of hopeful wait,
counted in tedious minutes and hours,
(you buffered the waves of uncertain fate)
allowed dreams of hope, of jasmine flowers.
Then, as spring’s blossoms quivered into sight
I heard you tempt the foolish to follow.
If caught, you’d grovel, be oh so contrite,
then, spew glossy vows equally hollow.
Until you fashioned a mad destruction
Your lies leveled you, a stark hit-and-run.

Barb Lundy is a widely published poet including work in The MacGuffin (2003 Vol XX), The Lyric and Rattle.  She is listed in the Directory of Poets and Writers and she teaches writing.  Barb currently serves as president of Colorado Authors League.

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