Glory By Brendan Faithfull


I find promises in man for the soul,
for the manifesting of eternal
praise up to a name and repetition
of the being beyond all time anon.
I find promises of purposes hollow
when the purpose is dangled for me
and am refused tools to rise from woe
to then manufacture myself glory.
Knowing makes no motion of my being
for scholars lack fortitude for gaming
and would not gamble my whispered name
in case the tools took me to a high aim
Into star filled climbs amongst heavens
that ring the near endless, those vaulting voids
beyond the reaches of untooled minds
and beyond untooled reaches of mine.
So the heavens are far from promises
but near to the line, and aim of my eyes.

Brendan Faithfull is an emerging poet who grew up in the village of Malmsbury in Central Victoria, where he was first exposed to Shakespeare’s Sonnets and Byron’s poetical works.
Brendan studied Politics, Economics and Literature at La Trobe University and the University of Melbourne in 2011. At UoM Brendan also studied Poetry under Emeritus Professor Kevin Brophy. Brendan is a member of the Melbourne Writers Group, featuring in the annual Anthology Heroes & Villains. Brendan continues to study and write poetry in his own time between modelling, political and election campaign management and running his own LARP, Exodus.


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