Can Houses Die By Suicide? By Lisa Cooper

Can Houses Die By Suicide?
She opened up her doors, embraced it all:
the murky sewage water stank of piss,
and silently it seeped in through the walls, 
but this small house was once a lovers’ bliss.
You see, these lovers here, they had it all;
a house, two kids, a dog, and all of that. 
Yet the house—despised—sought an end, to fall
into this ocean head-long: death at last!
Her last small breaths, strained, muffled by the mold
grown in her bloodline, deep beneath the boards. 
Her shutters agape, cringing at the cold;
left destitute. Is this what love affords?
Although her spirit’s gone, the home remains
as love abounds and pulses through their veins.

Lisa Cooper has a BA in literature, and an MA in religion. She is a copywriter at RevelationMedia, the chief editor of The Evangel, and a freelance writer. She has written for the Barna Institute, and edited for Just and Sinner Publications. Her writing has been featured in Fathom MagazineThe Torrey GazetteEkstasis MagazineThe Christian Research Journal, and Mockingbird, among others. She lives in Upstate New York with her husband and two kids.

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