Separate room in heaven By Yuliia Vereta

Separate room in heaven

I hope for those people 
With only three passions in life
Namely solitude, cheap coffee and even cheaper cigarettes,
There is a separate room in heaven,
Booked in advance and kept in order
Until their time comes and they get 
Too tired to stand all of this.
I hope it’s always autumn there,
And they walk in their fields, being proud
Of the rich harvest
That they keep watching,
While walking to and fro,
With the no-filter cigarette stuck to their lower lip
And that two-dollar mug
That was never designed to be a part of any set,
But was to become a continuation of someone’s left hand.
I hope they are left there for eternity,
Alone and lonely, as they always dreamed, 
With just occasional gusts of wind that raise in the air
Those dry leaves, as wrinkled as their face
Any time after they reached their fifties.
I hope that rich black soil, 
Which is pressed with their shoes,
Twice mended and three times torn,
Becomes a home for the deep wide prints,-
The only thing they manage to leave behind.
That same soil that buried 
Hundreds of their buds 
And dozens of their friends, 
Those same people,
Who gave life an attitude
After they were chewed up and spat out,
Like a large sticky gob,
Going through the sinuses,
Showing that their time is up.
I hope they are not bothered there any more
With people’s comments, looks and expressions.
I hope they are finally happy there,
Perfectly sound and forever alive,
As sound and alive
As never before. 

Yuliia Vereta is a writer from Ukraine, whose other works were published in print and online in Litro Magazine (UK), Genre: urban arts (USA), Penultimate Peanut Magazine (USA), the Valley Voices (USA) and the McGuffin (USA). Yuliia received the 2018 City of Rockingham Short Story Award (Australia) and became the finalist in Poetry Matters Project (USA) as well as Hessler Poetry Contest (USA).

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