Saw a Bee Sleepin in Bed Stuy By Watt Burns

Saw a Bee Sleepin in Bed Stuy
Saw a bee sleepin in Bed Stuy.
Saw a gnome far away from it's home.
Saw a cheetah drive a jeep in Cincinatti,
stopped in Cleveland for a philly and a brew.
Saw a possum ponder life in an alley.
Saw a pigeon fake a waddle for some stew.
Saw a fish blow a kiss to seaweed.
Saw a cat meow and holler at the moon.
Saw a dude get rude in Detroit;
shot a whiskey, shot a rival, 
now he's dead.
Saw a dog skip stones in Santiago.
Saw a turkey’s birthday bash in Baltimore.
Saw a goose cut loose in Chicago -
cut a rug, smoked a blunt, fucked a swan.
Saw a lizard surf rain in San Diego.
Saw a camel chomp carrots like glue.
Saw a llama lick a light in Laos.
Saw a rooster fight cocks in a coup.
Saw deer argue over directions.
Saw a beetle dodge a rolling stone.
Saw a monkey meander through Madrid.
Saw clowns pout in Manhattan.
Saw an ice cream man in Milwaukee
staring at his cone reflection.
Saw a light from the creatures in the shadows,
cast down upon us like a moon. 

Watt Burns is a poet and playwright from Milwaukee, WI, currently living in New York City. 
He has been published in Return to the Gathering Place of the Waters, Edify Fiction, Crux Magazine, The Voices Project, Fleas on the Dog, In Layman’s Terms, Cream City Review, and more. He holds a BA in Creative Writing from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, and he has been published in the United States, Chile, and Spain. He once saved a kitten from a busy highway in Atlanta.

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