Two Poems By Steve Lang

The maimed

I sat at his feet that day,
On the mountain,
When he wiped away my tears,
And the vast throng wondered
At the miracle 
Of my new-found integrity;
But while the fish and the bread were doled out,
I wondered how long 
I could make it last. 
The foolish man

And the rain came, 
And the floods fell,
And the foolish man 
Was bound with cords,
And with due process
Impaled upon
The upturned horns 
Of the altar. 

Steve Lang has published one collection of poetry to date, entitled, “‘Heavenly Hurt”. Steve’s poem, “Raphael” has been nominated by Ariel Chart International Literary Journal for the 2020 Pushcart Poetry Prize. ‘Plum Tree’,  ‘Tavern’, ‘Grand Little Things’ and ‘Indian Periodical’ have also published Steve’s work this year and ‘Founder’s Favourites’ and ‘BeznCo’ will feature his work shortly. Though from Scotland originally, Steve has travelled widely, especially in Africa and currently lives in El Salvador with his wife and three children, where he is Director of a large and well-known international school.

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