Ode to My Morning Doughnut By David Antonio Reyes

Ode to My Morning Doughnut    
I pick you up and you remind me of 
a gold ring, like a tire stripped of its wheel, 
to where the air hollows your curving 
body as it sweeps mine. I crumble
you with my fingers, your soft cake 
dissolving on my tongue, and when you 
break open, falling to my collar, I brush off
your dark pieces. With every bite, I consume
you, leaving only my sticky hands. I empty 
a cup of coffee over you. On my way
to work, I dial in the Morning Show for kicks  
before driving into a day full of mouths 
emptied over Internet service telemarketing calls
until the end of shift, and over the lunch line, I give you 
my waistline, my full attention. I give you my hunger
my mouth, my calloused hands made of milk. 

David Antonio Reyes, born and raised in El Paso, TX, received a BA from the University of Texas at El Paso and completed his MFA in poetry at New Mexico State University. His work has appeared in Gulf CoastRio Grande ReviewThe Acentos Review, and Borderzine. He taught English Composition at New Mexico State University and El Paso Community College and currently assists students in transitioning from high school to college in El Paso where he lives, writes, and creates music. You can connect with Reyes at davidantonioreyes87@gmail.com

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