Two Poems By J.M. Allen

Dumb Drivers
My back hurts again, not sure what I should do.
The hours spent on the road really sneak up on you.
If it wasn’t for the dumb drivers, I would arrive much faster.
The other motorists are foolish or stupid, it really doesn’t matter.
And these dummies are everywhere, and are all seeming to journey far.
Although I’ll need their help - as I’ve locked my phone and keys in my car. 
Santa 2020
Dear Santa I requested nicely,
and don’t bother with anything formal.
Because what we all really want now,
is just to get Back to Normal.
He replied that he’s already heard that
a million times already.
You will have to ‘tough it out’ this winter,
he spoke with a voice most steady.
But that’s more sacrifice, I retorted
in a tone most satirical.
No milk and cookies for you -
if we get no Christmas miracle. 

J. M. Allen is a 50-year old, who recently started writing a bunch of rhyming poems (the best kind?).  He’s been published on Poetry Potion, Tiny Seed Literary Journal, Lighten Up Online, Rue Scribe (Underwood Press), and once before on Grand Little Things. 

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