Two Poems By Emalisa Rose

playing naughty
gone are the 
day trippers
the lords of
the frats and
the debutantes
the silver hair
gents with
their bleached
over blondes
sipping sex
at the tiki bar
it’s now you and
me ‘neath the
scarlet soliloquy
and i swirl in 
your sands, shed
off my skins, your
breakaway blues
your waves that
roll over me
naked and free
i dive in your sea
and we can play
naughty again. 
tossing my parasol
rain on the marquise
of monday, the bewilder
of blues ringing in with
the mood of the morning
i twirled twice in your
thunderstorm, tossing my
parasol, planting my feet
on the pipedream of spring. 

When not writing poetry, Emalisa Rose enjoys crafting with macrame and doll making. She volunteers in animal rescue and knits blankets for shelter pets.  She lives by the beach. which provides much of the inspiration for her art..Her work has appeared in Cholla Needles, Beatnick Cowboy, Ariel Chart and other journals.

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