Two Poems By Brendan Faithfull


There will be a time when the fires are stopped,
a time when the pits are not dug for fuel
and when each of all the axes are dropped,
a time when aged, callous, bitter fools
are without means to manifest wills cruel

Arisen will be the time wholly deaf
as loudly call the sorry selfish few,
as the would purchase exemption from death – 
and when raging, sad oldens will pass too
a time will come by right, by truth. 

Grey clouds hang low, rains unabated come
and dark the day almost seems to mourn me,
for the passions I bore, the total sum,
cost me dear as greatest of my folly
When friends, fame and lovers have all but gone
the grey day with rains has come and sought me
and storing nothing for my future sins
I beg torrents wash me away in this

But here I still sit, here I still have lived
with multitudes of terrible errors,
while still the same poor loves I did not sift
and my life, plagued by rot, brings grey weather
So under this day damp and dreary lit
I rue me then, and here and forever
have no reprieve to promise myself
for the toll of the untrue passions I felt. 

Brendan Faithfull is an emerging poet who grew up in the village of Malmsbury in Central Victoria. Here he was first exposed to Shakespeare’s Sonnets and Byron’s poetical works.
Brendan studied Politics, Economics and Literature at La Trobe University and the University of Melbourne in 2011. At UoM Brendan also studied Poetry under Emeritus Professor Kevin Brophy. Brendan has featured in Melbourne Writers Group 2018 Anthology Heroes & Villains, and most recently published online by Creativity Webzine and Grand Little Things.
Brendan continues to study and write poetry in his own time between modelling, political and election campaigning and managing his LARP, Exodus.

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