Sonnet #5 The Deadly Dance By D. K. Mann

Sonnet #5

The Deadly Dance
You dance among the leaves in oaken land,
A cervid ballerina in the dawn.
A graceful leap and then, at once, you stand.
Your senses on alert; I stay withdrawn.
Your comely eyes they search the morning gray
As I stay hidden soaking in the dew.
Continuing the dance you step your way;
Drawn by primal need I follow you.
Your lithe and lovely limbs they move in time
To silent metronomic beats inbred.
You dance to unknown rhythm, unheard rhyme
Then paw the ground and lie down in your bed.
I raise my bow, bring arrow to my eye,
Let loose the string and kill you where you lie. 

D. K. is a former Mr. Mom and a part-time bicycle mechanic. He calls himself a former Mr. Mom because his three boys are now fully grown men. He lives with his wife and the-cat-who-shall-not-be-named in the not-so-wild wilds of southern Oregon. He writes poetry to keep from going sane.

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