I traveled past the prose into a deeper wood By I. D. Brannan

I traveled past the prose into a deeper wood
I traveled past the prose—into a deeper wood—
‘tis a different country—as I understood.
I watched my every step—as any pilgrim would—
lest I stumble and lose the rhythm of my feet—
for each step does hold a music—and makes me feel complete—
like that of beautiful birds that joyously tweet.
And should my feet betray me, and I do misstep—
please, know—I shall be fine—no curse will kiss my lip—
my footing will be found—more careful—I will keep
the rhythm of my feet as I tread this lush path.
Then I shall travel it the more—as frequently as faith—
‘til I know each step by heart—and it does bequeath
its truest beauty that I cannot see at first—
‘til I study my surroundings—of which I am immersed,
and grace a stream of knowledge to quench my dire thirst. 

I. D. Brannan is a writer and born and raised Kansan. He began learning how to write poetry in late 2019 after discovering the works of Emily Dickinson. He has since won first place in the 2020 Burford Theatre Poetry Contest and the Kansas Author’s Club 2020 Literary Contest (Japanese Forms). He has also been published in Whistling Shade Literary Journal. 

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