Periwinkle By Adam Sedia

Periwinkle height
Streaked with salmon smears,
Renews its dying light
As each new star appears.
  The coattails of the fleeing day – 
  The colors – soon fly fast away.
Periwinkle fades
With the dying light.
An inky dark invades, 
The vanguard of the night.
  Diffusing west with steady flow,
  The shades snuff out the dying glow.
Periwinkle gone,
Shades encompass now.
Bright lanterns flicker on
In heaven and below.
  The periwinkle shall return
  Before the skies of morning burn. 

Adam is a frequent contributor to The Chained Muse Review and “The Society of Classical Poets (SCP)”, and the winner of the 2019 SCP poetry prize. His poems have also appeared in Indiana Voice Journal and Tulip Tree Review.

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