The Last Shot By Gavin Lim

The Last Shot
The ball, the hoop, 
the court, the cruise.
The crowd frantically cheering,
many shouted lots of boos.
As the game passes by,
players jump to fly.
All are staring at the hoop,
when players throw an alley-oop.
The sound of shoes
Screech and scream, 
And the glance of the clock
Continues to gleam.  
The swish of the ball
feels like a waterfall.
Several fouls are called,
some travels too.
As time unwinds,
Players cannot start to grin.
All lose their stamina,
But still, try at their maxima.
The crowd on their toes
as the last shot goes.
Will it go in, or will it miss?
Towards the end, all hands are shaken.
The champs glance back at the game they had taken. 

Gavin Lim is a 13-year-old boy currently living in Jakarta, Indonesia.

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