Heart Ajar By Alex R. Encomienda

Heart Ajar

I am halted at the stop light and you are there.
With glossy sideways teardrop eyes aloft,
And hair like a painting by Andy Baggott.
The blinking light stays on at the peak of my fancy.
It is red and daunting; a warning of what may come
Yet I dare close this heart and drive away.
I love you like the sun against my face,
I love you like a handful of thin sand by the beach,
Wherever I may go; the spirit of my passion burns for you.
I am at the stop light with my heart ajar;
And it sings and sways in the rhythm of your favorite song
Wearing one familiar silver trinket of contoured beauty.

   Alex R. Encomienda is an American author and editor of literary fiction, genre fiction and poetry. He began writing at age nine while in elementary school and since then attended Glendale Community College where he participated in several writing workshop classes, lecture classes and book readings. Alex has been published in Adelaide’s Spring and Summer 2017 issues, The Blue Guitar Magazine’s Fall 2017 issue, The Penwood Review’s Summer 2017 issue and more recently Cherry House Press’ 2018 anthology The Fear of us All. Alex often expresses concepts of love, escapism, existentialism and religion in his work. He currently lives in Phoenix, Arizona with his family.

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