What I Wouldn’t Give By Brendan Faithfull

What I Wouldn’t Give

What I wouldn’t give to go back,
to have those days with my dearest
where none of us felt loving lack
when we were each other’s nearest;
and feeling the loss of that bliss,
aching to live as we once did
my heart and mind turn to this,
the time home with our joy was lit;
but the love that once lit our home
is now spread; though near, still apart,
and in our house I live alone
which without you all is but dark.

Brendan Faithfull is an emerging, traditional form poet in Melbourne. Brendan grew up in the village of Malmsbury, where he first discovered Shakespeare’s Sonnets and Byron’s poetical works. Brendan studied Politics, Economics and Literature at La Trobe and Melbourne Universities. At UoM Brendan also studied Poetry under Emeritus Professor Kevin Brophy. Brendan has featured in Melbourne Writers Group’s Heroes & Villains, online in Creativity Webzine and Grand Little Things. Brendan is also slated to appear in The Creative Issues upcoming COVID themed special. Brendan continues to study and write poetry between modelling, political campaigning and managing his LARP, Exodus.

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