Two Poems By Jenny Dunbar


serendipitous curiosity stopped me in the tracks 
as I scrolled a page
and saw the message
of two years past, 
somewhat late,
I am an infrequent visitor,
the media passes me by,
but caught me then,
for an instant,
in a past life’s shadow,
its claw digging up
where once a perfect storm
catching me in the ropes,
disfiguring equilibrium
and making bad,
yesterday’s fates
caught a nerve
a necessary 
how it had been,
the sour
fracturing happy
with a click,
the twist dissolved, 
I am still tasting metal                   
Post script

we play the next cadence and part 
as if it were I who had forgotten the time, 
looked elsewhere,
not so, 
only the notes of circumstance, unbidden, 
unnegotiable against the sullen armies 
bantering our days 

Jenny is a published writer of poetry and prose at present working on short fiction and prose poetry. Graduating from the Royal central School in London some years ago, she followed a career in the performing arts and has walked in many worlds. The juxtaposition of life in all its cadences continues to inspire her, especially so at this stranger than strange time.

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