A COSMIC DANCE by Brian Yapko

                                                                  A COSMIC DANCE

From Tycho on the Moon
A juggling act I see
A star whose rays light up the stage
Of all eternity

The prop: a mottled ball
Of blue and white and green
Spinning through the shining light
With softly glowing sheen.

The juggler has keen balance
I’ve never seen him fail.
Just once in recent memory
This mottled ball grew pale.

The spotlight shone a beam
Upon some creatures there
Who almost burned their little world
By launching their own flare.

The ball came close to death
From pole to farthest shore;
But then men learned a gentler way
Which has no use for war.

The precious ball revived
Still lit up by the sun
Alive with love and  hopes for peace.
Somehow the show goes on. 

Brian Yapko is a lawyer whose poems have appeared or are forthcoming in Prometheus Dreaming, Sparks of Calliope, Wingless Dreamer, Gyroscope, Cagibi, Penumbra, the Society of Classical Poets, Grand Little Things, Chained Muse, Abstract Elephant, Poetica and a number of other publications. He lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico with his husband, Jerry, and their canine child, Bianca.

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