Lost Oak By Padmini Krishnan

Lost Oak

When did they decide to burn the Oaktree?
In the night when the
cigar smoke blended with mist?
In their morning walk, inhaling
the green odor of Eucalyptus?
or in a quiet room with
walls painted of autumn leaves?
Here lie the disfigured leaves,
burnt buds and the
burning barks,
watching their silenced offspring
with numb agony as the
the last breeze sticks to
their decaying bodies.

Padmini Krishnan was raised in India and now resides in Singapore. She writes poetry and short stories. Her recent works have appeared in The Heron’s Nest, Ariel Chart, Stonecrop Review, and The Literary Yard. Her e-chapbook was published in Proletaria. She blogs at www.call2read.com.

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