Two Poems by Noreen A. Oesterlein

Ode to the Dance of the Leaves

She waltzes with the falling leaves
as they tumble in air
triple time dreams she weaves
under branches bare.

She dances to the wind song
in the autumn time
a timeless art strong
in the step glide rhyme.

She swirls in a fickle breeze
a mime of rise and fall
graceful elegance at ease
poised at nature’s ball.

She stumbles in the twilight
wearied on night’s eve
witching hour thoughts delight
for a fleeting reprieve.

She settles soft to ground
wed to her partners in dance
forever triumphant
in the waltz romance.
Georgette and Lace

The wedding day gown of georgette and lace
trussed the young bride with fine silky stitches
for the aisle stroll that thrills and bewitches
in the promises of loving embrace.
She boxed the dress of the marriage day
in surrender as the fates and fires await
the hopes and howls of the marriage dictate
hidden in the trousseau garments array.
She dreamt of christening gowns cut with care
sewn from the folds of the georgette and lace
as she remembered the nuptial affair
with hope for baptisms to leave a trace
of a family ritual to share
in patterned pieces in the church place.

Noreen is a retired sign language interpreter and is now putting words in verse instead of them flying off of her hands.

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