When Writing is Worship By John F. Zurn

When Writing is Worship

If no one reads my quiet verse
because my words are stumbling;
then writing may become a curse
while I insist on scribbling.
But in this odd compulsion,
my soul seeks peace and freedom.
I write for recognition,
and hope for many readers.
If the spirit prompts my poem,
so words are not pretentious;
then I submit that grace may grow
without my slanted  entrance.
The spirit always knows the end,
the middle and beginning.
Selfish rhymes are loathsome friends
that find no faith or meaning.
If no one apprehends my thoughts,
and I receive no credit;
Then I will write with every hope
that God will still be present.
His love has saved me long ago,
and writing is my worship.
If my words are left by most,
still God will know my purpose.

John F Zurn has earned an M.A. in English from Western Illinois University and spent much of his career as a school teacher. In addition, he has worked at several developmental training centers, where he taught employment readiness skills to mentally challenged teenagers and adults. Now retired, he continues to write and publish poems and stories. As one of seven children, his experiences growing up continue to help inspire his art and influence his life.

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