Two Poems By Russel G. Winick

Reunion Question

Of all the girls in junior high,
Her charm and beauty were unique.
But every time she happened by,
He scarcely knew of what to speak.

In high school too each place she went,
Boys’ eyes were squarely trained on her.
All smitten one hundred percent,
From biggest hunk to amateur.

He knew that he had zero chance,
Not being even slightly cool.
Far from her league for high romance
With all the better guys in school.

But forty years had passed since then,
And at reunion they long spoke.
His life success and joy had been,
So ancient tension fully broke.

He wondered what youth might have brought,
If he’d had confidence like now.
But as he got struck with that thought
He heard her forcefully avow:

“You seem to me just like before,
So sweet and bright and free of doubt.
And thus I’ve wondered evermore
How come you never asked me out?”
The Lover

He rapped with all his finest flair,
But wasn’t getting anywhere.
The pretty lady seeming sure 
She’d not accept his overture.

He asked her: “Why the solid wall?”
To which she answered:  “You’re too tall!”
But he replied, with clear delight,
“Once we’re in bed – we’re equal height!”

Mr. Winick fell in love with the poetry of Langston Hughes at age 14, but only recently began writing poetry at nearly age 65, after concluding a long career as an attorney.  Several dozen of his poems have appeared or are forthcoming in over a dozen online and print journals.

One comment

  1. Mr. Winick is quickly developing in to an observant erudite writer. He is one to watch closely. A very confident writer.


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