Liturgical Entanglement By David Russell Mosley

“Liturgical Entanglement”

Time has been entangled with the eternal,
Spiralling from Winter into Spring,
And even from the pains of Lent, it brings
Us into Easter, green and vernal.
It has spun me, bound me, turned me all
From individual moments moving
To an eternal now, a present that sings
The past, the present, the future as one in all.
Then the bells ring, the incense clears, the present
Moves again with the ticking of the clock,
It brings me back to myself from beyond the stars.
Once caught in liturgical entanglement
I cannot allow moving time to block
The holy song of the nine heavenly choirs.

David Russell Mosley is a poet and theologian living in Washington state. His debut poetry collection, The Green Man, is forthcoming from Resource Publications. When not writing poetry, David likes to wander the woods with his wife and children.

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