Poet for All Seasons By Tonya Walter

Poet for All Seasons

Always sad to see snowflakes disappear,
Nostalgic for their beauty and peace
I watch them melt like hot lava,
Folding into frozen earth,
Snow gone, replaced with dirt.
Clouds replaced with sun.
Farewell winter,
Goodbye snow.

Hello spring,
Greetings, tree buds!
Gulping up sunlight
After starving on clouds
And growing brittle and cracked.
Now rejuvenated and green,
You flourish in the sun, and I watch,
Always delighted to see you appear.

Tonya Walter is lover of words and creativity who grew up loving novels, but has only recently discovered her love for the art of poetry. She is always excited to see pretty clouds and is fascinated by anything new. She is only a week away from surviving her first year of college and wishes, perhaps audaciously, to publish these pieces from her first foray into poetry.

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