Two Poems By I. D. Brannan

‘Tis A Pretty Tune

‘Tis a pretty tune
Nature plays in June—
she must tickle

It does sound—a breeze
through the rustling leaves—
with a fickle,
haunting key.

Then all the birds sing,
and clap—with a wing—
for a little
The Closest I Ever Climbed to “Gods”

The closest I ever climbed to “gods”
was when reading Whitman in the woods.

I stood beside the greenery—
I leaned against a tall oak tree.

I read his beguiling works
with the utmost confidence

of a practiced Preacher—

I did stand alone—
me—before the Sun.

So mystified—
and warm inside.

I did learn
from Whitman.

I shall


I. D. Brannan leads a quiet life in Lawrence, KS. He has won the 2020 Burford Theatre Poetry Contest, and the Kansas Authors Club 2020 Literary Contest (Japanese Forms Category). He also recently received an HM in the Kansas Voices 2021 Traditional Poetry Contest. Other works have been published in Mile Marker Review, Whistling Shade, Grand Little Things, and WestWard Quarterly Literary Magazine.

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