Two Poems By Hope Coulter

The Catcher

This orb, spun and speeding—your   
	fortune or calamity, 

who’s to say? Nothing in it 
	but luck. A clonk, and you rush
like a wild man, shoving your mask  
	off, face up, glove to the sky. 
The Valley

One valley, two scattered groups. 
        To the north, on greens so bright 
 they hurt the eye, golfers, wearing 
       collars and plaid; and to the south,  
bent double in hats and long sleeves,            
       pickers, combing for berries. 

Hope Coulter’s poetry collection The Wheel of Light was published in 2015 as part of the New Poets Series of Brickhouse Books. Hope lives in Little Rock, Arkansas, and teaches creative writing at Hendrix College, where she also directs the Hendrix-Murphy Foundation Programs in Literature and Language.

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