Poets Know It All! By Yanzhi Huo

Poets Know It All!

Poets claim to behold what the summer means -
while ordinary people know its spice
of secrets of the heat hidden within,
amid the humid blur is where truth lies.
The cascade ricochets the Holy Grail!
The fanatics screamed as they wrote it down
The coated brume is the evening’s great veil!
Bad line, the mad poets frowned and tossed it out
But it was a season terribly fine,
A combination of love and lightening
Too bad that the poets hated that one line,
Greedy daydreamers, sort of! Hoping 
in depicting beauty they’d seek solace,
Wishing to swindle July and August!

Yanzhi Huo is a Gen Z poet with a strong passion for writing. She was born and raised in Beijing, China, and she is also a rising senior in high school. As an ardent reader, astrology lover, and folklore believer, Yanzhi finds inner peace in creating poetry and constantly finds inspirations in high school life, the mid-summer sky, and beyond.

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