I Think I’ll Seek a Double-Life By Matt Dennison

I Think I’ll Seek a Double-Life

I think I'll seek a double life
not lived as one nor murdered twice
upon the ruin of daily vice,
not me, my double life.

I'll seek a fairly bitter clime,
where every nickel's worth a dime
and if you ask I'll have no time
for scribbled verse or rhyme.

But jump upon a praying horse
and gallop far across the course
of time and double-murdered force,
of life and vice and choice.

Matt Dennison is the author of Kind Surgery, from Urtica Press (Fr.), and Sunflower,
upcoming from Main Street Rag. His work has appeared in Rattle, Bayou Magazine,
Redivider, Natural Bridge, The Spoon River Poetry Review
and Cider Press Review,
among others. He has also made short films with Michael Dickes, Swoon, Marie Craven
and Jutta Pryor.

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