Boy in Nature By Max Saran

Boy in Nature

The butterfly had cleaned his handsome teeth
His mouth had clutched its insect face to bind
Its wings over his face, fluttering in wind.
The dead night-companion was all defeat 
The friend of a slow child was now asleep
His mourning anger was so full of pride 
Its wings were half-swallowed, and half in stride
The butterfly’s remains were crushed by feet. 
The boy then leapt and crying ran to the
Soft arms of his mother, where he explained
How he killed and fled from its white body
Deeply into her arms; he was ashamed. 
It was a moth sat waiting patiently
Or butterfly, in maiming love untrained. 

Max is a student and writer from NYC. He writes poetry, short fiction, and drama. Outside of school-based competitions, this will be the first appearance of his poetry in any outlet.

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