“All new writing is about grief.” By Paul Jones

All new writing is about grief.
Who hasn't, at least once, lost their way,
Or lost friends, or keys? To be brief:
All new writing is about grief.

Surely writing provides relief,
If it didn't, would everyone say
All new writing is about grief?
Whose isn't? Who hasn’t, once, lost their way.

Paul Jones has published poems in Poetry, Red Fez, Broadkill Review, 2River View, The Dead Mule School of Southern Literature, as well as here in Grand Little Things, and anthologies including Best American Erotic Poems. Recently nominated for two Pushcart Prizes and two Best of the Web Awards. Chapbook, “What the Welsh and Chinese Have in Common.” Collection, “Something Wonderful” (RedHawk, 2021).

Manuscript of poems crashed on the moon’s surface in 2019.
Inducted into NC State Computer Science Hall of Fame, November 2021.
To read recent publications by Paul Jones visit smalljones.com

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