Two Poems By p joshua laskey


The wash of stars ebbing 
now morning’s come
finds me weeping over 
children grown up.

I shoot an arrow through the night and watch 
its flight
from dream to dream until 
in a twinkling it seems
to fall to earth 
upon the bloody birth of dawn.

Spiteful sunrise kills the darkness
merciless its waxing murder.

Brightness blights the world of shadows
and shades are melted by relentless fire.

Follow the flood to the edge of darkness
then leap into obscurity.

Immaturate to times thought lost
when stars were heroes, planets gods.

Break the day’s strange spell and stupor.

Fell night with words
absurd but true and not
an arrow’s poisoned tip.

reseed imagination’s furrowed brow.

Put out the lights and
look skyward for your stories
adulterated children
reconnect the dots.

Originally from Sacramento, p joshua laskey currently writes in Dallas, Texas. He has published award-winning creative work including original, adapted, and translated plays as well as original and self-translated short stories, flash fiction, and poetry. Find out more at

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