Warm Torrent By Isaiah Hicks

Warm Torrent

Reject use of absolutes, lest you fall prey
To the dark and hungry corner of your room.
What you cannot see becomes a sad remnant
Of the great moon, that patchwork of exhausted
Thoughts reduced to lunar flotsam. Turn over.
Reflect on your scars. Ponder for far too long.
Shadows show no remorse, but your hope outlasts.
When sky burns, remember to reuse the ash.
Encounter sweet solace as you pass your tongue
Over your wounds. O, treasured fall of water,
Cover the cold-paned glass, then gently bend rays
And play the song of slumber for the restless.
May your doubt erode from that shower of sky
Before the warm torrent of your soul runs dry.

Isaiah is currently a first-year pharmacy student at Virginia Commonwealth University. He started writing about four years ago and has recently started submitting his work online. Much of his work is inspired by a few of his favorites: Langston Hughes, Larry Levis, Louise Glück, etc. One of his poems, “On Being Home,” was previously published in The Metaworker.

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