In the wake By Amanda Chandler

In the wake

The stoic, strong, and angular form
suggested depth of thought
but sometimes a man
sitting on the sand
is just that

Statuesque, he is not the thinker
contemplating the whys of the waves
he merely seeks composure
in a domain so tossed about
to shoulder his role
bring structure to the home
measured ways to guide the way

A sentimental man
would have taken his son’s hand
after the mother’s wake
but for now
they sit side by side
watching the water break

Amanda Chandler’s muse kindles her passion for poetry and education. She believes the most important lessons in life can rarely be found in a textbook. This is why she shares her distinct perspective through poetry. Her work has recently been published by The Ekphrastic Review and will appear in the upcoming Wingless Dreamer Publisher anthology Calling the Beginning.

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