For fear of flight By Scott Schonfeldt-Aultman

For fear of flight

For fear of flight
I cage my soul, and starve it near to bones
Watching closely, guarding-like
As it burns like styrofoam.

Peculiar pains
Perplex my heart, and spurn my platitudes
While I ruminate, endure
Alone, I instigate a feud.

Worn, wrinkled hands
Clinging tight, clutching ominously at me
I sidestep fates, peer at them
Blind to what I finally see.

Vexatious visions torment me
Searing shadows on my thoughts
Stalk me slowly, for recompense
Threatening to flaunt my faults.

Scott M. Schönfeldt-Aultman is a southern-born, San Francisco Bay Area-residing, Rhetorical Studies & Cultural Studies trained pedagogue who enjoys sharing space with students while exploring and learning about whiteness, masculinities, black feminism, drag, communication, and social justice.

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