Of Souls and Systems By Justin Permenter

“Of Souls and Systems”

Paradigms and architectures
Contours of the mind
Structures born of risk aversion, perfectly designed
Systems built to shield from danger, 
Safeguard and protect
Leaving creativity to wither from neglect

Is there any room for risk 
Inside this sheltered keep?
Or must ambitious dreams remain reserved for when we sleep?
And even if the mind were made
For prisons such as these
A wily convict can defy the jailor’s expertise

So speak with pure conviction 
Write boldly on the page
And let the spirit circumvent its systematic cage
For systems built the aircraft
Which navigate the skies
But dreams inspired the builders and taught our souls to fly

Justin Permenter is a writer of poetry and short fiction from Denton, Texas. Whenever he is not writing– which is far too often– he operates undercover as an International Student Advisor at the University of North Texas.

His work has been published or is forthcoming in Hypertext Review, Ligeia Magazine, Across the Margin, The Dread Machine, Spectral Realms, Scarlet Leaf Review, Literary Yard, and 365 tomorrows.

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