Dreamtime By Tad Tuleja

                                                                     (For Andrée)

In the deep pool of morning as sun barks its warning
I swim up through the dreamtime for your hand
With no sound spoken, no slumber broken,
Your fingers tap me light as breeze-blown sand
I am no soldier of that saints’ brigade
Who face down every terror unafraid
Who forage through the letters of a poet’s happy fall
For the weary charm of “Love conquers all.”
But in this wordless moment, wrist to wrist,
With dream weavers singing in the mist
That even doubting Thomas heard the call
That there may be something to it after all
I think in mute amazement this will do
Yes, for sure and certain, this will do

Tad Tuleja is an American writer with a doctorate in folklore, scholarly books on vernacular traditions and military culture, and a grant from the Puffin Foundation for his song cycle Skein of Arms. His poems, which often echo the Child ballads and the poetry of Yeats, have appeared in Better Than Starbucks and The Five Two and are forthcoming in Blue Unicorn and Adirondack Review. On YouTube he performs the songs from his CD Waters Wide Between under the name Skip Yarrow.

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